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Gator fans what are you hearing about Bradley Beal decommitting?

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I read this in a basketball whispers on the 5th of may.

Bradley Beal

There is a huge possibility that Bradley Beal could decommit from Billy Donovan and the University of Florida. Kansas, Ohio State, and Illinois (amongst others) are waiting to see if/when Beal opens it up. The Gators have not landed the recruiting class that Beal expected to play with and after already losing Austin Rivers this would be yet another huge blow to Gator Nation.

I also read this from Beal himself on the 3rd of May:

Beal, a 6-3 junior from St. Louis Chaminade High, commited to Florida last November over KU, Illinois, Missouri, Duke, Ohio State and Saint Louis.

He said he’s glad he announced so early in the recruiting process.

“A lot of calls were getting hectic — all the mail and everything, people asking me what school are you going to. It was a big weight off my back,” Beal said. “I can sit back, relax and play basketball.”

He said he can understand why other high schoolers wait to commit.

“It’s up to the prospect,” he said. “If they feel they want to wait on a certain school, you just have to wait. If you know the school you want to go to, just get it over with.”

He said he remains solid in his commitment to Florida.


We all know whatever is publicly said doesn't mean a lot because guys will say that one week and the next week decommit. What are gator fans hearing?

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