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Good Luck J.Mike


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FAREWELL J. MIKE: One of the truly good guys in the business is moving on to a new venture. J. Michael Moore,

who’s blogged for the last three years for the Falcons, is leaving AtlantaFalcons.com.

I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this e-mail with you all.

“After three unforgettable seasons with the Falcons, I’ve decided to pursue a new opportunity at Emory University. I’m going to miss interacting daily with the friends and colleagues I’ve made in Atlanta and around the NFL and related businesses. I hope this isn’t the end of our working or personal relationship but a new beginning.

“Thanks to each of you for the help and support you’ve given me over the years.”

Good luck J. Mike!!!!

Good luck J.Mike.... You did an awesome job for the falcons bro.

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Our loss, but being the Falcons blogger probably is not the pinnacle of sports journalism. Kind of like losing an assistant coach to a head coaching position (in college, not against us!), hopefully this is an opportunity for him to build on what he learned here and brought to us.

I presume he will always be a Falcon supporter, having a personal connection with the franchise; so it's not like we are losing a fan.

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Aww man.

All the blogs

All the interviews.

The special updates

The mocks he gave

The events he held and or helped with

The true Falcon fan connections and interactions he made personally within AFMB

Thanks and good luck j.mike

Will always be a falcon

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Wow that is news... Well it has been a good run. Thankyou J for the hard work and your contributions to help make this the BEST site of any NFL team. Hopefully this new path will lead you to new heights and satisfy your hunger to better yourself. May you be successful and prosper in this new venture,

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Yo J Mike,

Dont let the door hit you on the azz,,,, just create yourself a user account and become one of us. :wacko:

I promise not to throw any bricks at your post....

Ok ok maybe one or two J/K

Thank you for your countless contributions to the Falcons Website and these forums.

Wont be the same with out you man. :(


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Thank you all for the VERY kind words of support. I've truly enjoyed working for all of you. Yes, I considered my job to inform you on a daily basis and I appreciate your readership. As it turns out, D. Led actually scooped me on this one. I wasn't quite prepared to say good bye. Working on some special stuff for the site so I hope you all stay tuned for that over the next week before I officially depart. Thanks again and best of luck to all of you!

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****...will miss you J.Mike, hope someone will strep up and keep us updated the way you have. And maybe you can teach Niki Noto that Atlanta has 2 t's somewhere in there before you leave too. Not sure what the Alana Falcons are

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