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It's Mother's Day


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Its mother's day! Well maybe not in the U.S. yet but in this timezone it is.

It got me thinking about how great my mom is.

Heres why: She raised my brother and I, with a father in the military who was often deployed or working long hours. At one point she pulled out her back while my dad was deployed to Korea. I was maybe 5 and my brother 7, I remember her lieing on the floor crying because she was in so much pain, but she took care of us and raised us for the year he was gone.

Now, both of her sons are out of the house and in the military with one in Japan and one in Colorado. She lost her mother this year (my grandma) and she has been nothing but supportive and loving...she is the strongest woman i know.

My question is what makes your mother so special?

Dont be shy show your momma some love!

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My Mother is special for many different reasons. I could say its because she fought off death numerous times from major illnesses in her childhood, how despite missing two year from school while being sick she still graduated from high school when she was 15, or how she left to go to a foreign country by herself for school when she was 15....ect.

But since this is a mothers day thread, I will keep it at that ^_^

I remember when I was 11 and harassed for having high grades she told me one thing that truly stayed with me. She told me that it happened to her back there(she never calls it home for some reason...), and that those people now $*** in the same water they have to drink :o . It stuck with me for a long time because my mother always went through pains to speak very proper and classical Arabic, but she said that statement in the most vulgar pidgin way ever :lol::lol: . I laughed so hard that I forgot anything that was bothering me...thats just the kind of woman that she is.

All of my siblings who have Facebook put our profile picture as her just for today


^^Shes particularly mad I am using this one :lol:

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"There are only 2 lasting things a mother can give her child. One is roots, and the other is wings..." I think that's how the saying goes. Pretty much sums it up for my mom. Unfortunately, our relationship is not the best @ the moment. I did try to call her today, but she wasn't home, at 8:30 at night. Hopefully, one of my sibs, or my stepdad was taking her out to dinner. She deserves better than what she gets from me, that's for sure.

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I wish I had my Mom's nature. She cares about people that I couldn't ever consider liking. My Grandmother (her mother) was the most loving and special person that I've ever been blessed to know and since she's passed, Mom has stepped into that role. My Mom is one of the few people that if you met her at church, school, or in the grocery store and thought to yourself "nobody's that nice", you'd be 100% wrong. She is exactly who she presents herself to be and I cannot imagine anyone thinking they aren't blessed to know her.

Last week, she told me she's been putting 42 cent stamps on envelopes to return the dollar bills she's been receiving to the "charitable" organizations that had been mailing them to her and dad unsolicited. She felt guilty about keeping the dollars and knew that without postage, they would find their way to the dead mail room at the post office and she didn't want the money to go to waste. So she was spending her own money to send it back. :blink: SMH. I told her to give the dollars to church or the food bank because she didn't ask to be put on their mailing lists and she's okay with that.

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