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Bear Woods


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Bear Woods is the undrafted rookie Linebacker from Troy University. Some of you know him as the “white guy with the Dreadlocks”. I had a chance to talk with his whole family on Saturday (they all came up to practice). This is a fantastic group of people and after hearing about him and meeting them, it is hard not to pull for this kid to make the team. He is a former walk-on quarterback who became a star on defense for Troy. Some quick research reveals, his coach at Troy said, “Every member of his team considers him the emotional and spiritual leader”. His dad is a Pastor and could not be more proud of his son.

I had to ask about the “Dreads”. According to his dad, “the first time he grew his hair out to support a family member with cancer”. Locks of Love is an organization that accepts donations of hair to make wigs for people suffering hair loss from treatment. His dad told me, “He asked his mom and I for permission to grow his hair out and of course we gave it to him. He grew it out and has donated it twice so far”.

He was not drafted, but he was on the Falcon’s radar. He knew they were interested in signing him. He got the call immediately after the seventh round of the draft was finished. He wanted to be on the Falcons because he thought it was his best opportunity. He got a call from KC one minute later, but had already committed to the Falcons.

The name? His uncle named him because as a child, he was into everything. “He is just like a bear cub.” and the name stuck. He is known for his intelligent and aggressive style of play at Linebacker, leading Troy in 2009 in Total tackles, Solo tackles and Tackles for Loss in spite of playing in 2 fewer games (A result of an appeal after receiving a medical red-shirt as a freshman). “They like his versatility. He might get an opportunity to play some fullback as well”. I wish him the best and look forward to seeing him prowling around the field in pre-season and beyond.

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You're right. His real first name is Shytin. Middle innitial D.

So they started calling him Bear.

It would be cool to have Wolfe on offense and Bear on defense.

I bet he's never heard that one, maybe you should ask? I bet he has practice explaining why it is NOT funny, just saying.

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