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Nole recruiting update.

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- Rashad Greene names FSU his leader.

- Tony Steward is really into FSU. I beleive its between FSU and Clemson.

- Ricardo Williams names FSU his leader.

- Bobby Hart stays with FSU at number one. Also he thinks Uf dosen't value him like FSU does.

- Anthony Rabasa and Tim Jernigan both have FSU as top schools.

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thanks for posting Cody.. some good stuff. steward is a beast and if you guys get greene he is a great playmaker.. bobby hart would be quite a catch imo. there was a site that said gosha is down to fsu and bama, but then a few guys called gosha and he said he is down to 3 still with uga, fsu, and bama being his final 3. i hope he waits til nsd to commit since anything before that wouldn't be believable. another site that had a ratard named ard run it said crowell was down to fsu/bama/clemson and he dropped uga (i laughed pretty hard when bartow said that). Well then bartow was called and he said he didn't say that, but his source (read jody hill from carver $$$$ man) told him that. The life of recruiting getting false info galore out there especially from that ard/bartow clemson site..

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