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Falcons-Saints Monday night game on NFLN replay


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was that one the Grimes Pick... that was amzn

Grimes has 6 amazing picks this year, 7 if you include the bogus call by that ref who was being paid by the other team to make us lose in any way possible.

So to answer your question, I don't know, because they were all amazing.

Robisnon - Grimes as our starting CB's in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm excited to rewatch it. I know gameplans change but the fact is the Saints hit their TE's and RB's a lot last year against us but it will be interesting to see how they would line up, where they would put Shockey, how many times did they line Bush up out as a WR or did they at all. Then check the Defense we put on the field who we thought could match up against their certain packages.

It's going to be fun to watch, the whole time we watch it we can also say well they will be facing spoon, Robinson, hopefully Peria and Moore.

And another thing to watch is who the Saints lined up at WR against Grimes. BEcause most likely the same WR will not see Grimes out there again. Not becasue he is not good enough but becasue the Saints have WR's that Grimes will match up well against well.

BUt I also can not wait for game 2 vs the Saints and really get to watch Owens play in that game. The best thing about it is after watching both games those 2 guys wont even be our number 1, Dunta will.

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