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Colin Peek - Sleeper

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Schottey Sleeper: Colin Peek (Alabama)

6'5", 255 pounds is about as prototypical as a tight end can be without being named Jeremy or Tony. Peek also has solid hands, decent speed, and great blocking.

He is perfectly average.

In today's NFL, most franchises want a duo of Tight Ends who each excel at either blocking or receiving. The days of Jeff King and Kyle Brady are no more. But, if one guy can bring that era back—bet on Peek.

He'll be drafted in the middle rounds and make a team as a third TE. Once he gets snaps, it is only a matter of time before he earns more.

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we are still going to have to draft a TE early next year, probably by the 3rd rnd to replace Tony...it's gonna be tough when he is gone, he is the leader of our offense alongside Ryan

I love Tony G as much as the rest of us, but how is he "the leader of our offense". He's been here one year. Don't get me wrong, he provides great veteran leadership, but he is not the "leader of the offense." With the possibility of a strike next year this very well could be Tony's last year in the league, so let's go win a Super Bowl before all that garbage happens.

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Where's a picture of this dude?



As most of my friends in law school are unfortunately Bama fans, I've watched more Bama football the past two seasons that I'll care to watch. Peek impressed the heck out of me. He wasn't just McElroy's safety valve, he was the number 1 or two option on alot of passing plays. Solid blocker to boot.

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