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Montgomery advisor

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News: Former Georgia quarterback Zach Mettenberger, who was dismissed from the team by Bulldogs coach Mark Richt last month, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery Monday.

An ESPN.com report said that Mettenberger was sentenced to two concurrent 12-month periods of probation under the state's first-offender act. Miller said Mettenberger also was ordered to pay $2,000 in fines and perform 40 hours of community service.

Views: Mettenberger's arrest and dismissal seems to be the norm. The past few years, suspensions and arrests are in everyday conversations about Georgia football.

Mettenberger was the likely starter. Now Georgia has two scholarship quarterbacks this season with redshirt freshman Aaron Murray and Logan Gray, and Gray reportedly is considering transferring. Those issues are not ones fans want to be considering.

Richt is an incredible man and Christian example. But you start to wonder how much patience fans and administration will have this season if losses, personnel problems, player defections, and off-the-field incidents continue to dominate the news.

Heading into this season, there's no coach in SEC on a hotter seat than Richt.

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now, we thought that the FSU article was bad, this is horrible.

"no coach in the SEC is on a hotter seat than Richt."

ummm...I'm pretty sure that Les Miles, the visor, and idk vandy's coach (who is like 29–66 overall the past 8 years)are on higher seats than Richt...this person doesn't know what their talking about.

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First we have tomahawk nation and a fan writing a blog and now the montgomery advisor who most likely the writer hasn't talked to one person associated with our athletic program giving their opinion.. yeah i love this stuff.. :D they can keep em coming.. what's next finebaum writing an article on it.. oh wait he did.. :P For the record CMR is 2 bad years away from losing his job if things just fall apart.. and it won't..

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I just read the article's title again.. "Georgia football program struggles to get its act together". LMAO!! There is NO NCAA team in the country that has 18-22 yr olds that don't get arrested and kicked off the team. What's up with all these complete BS blogs about my Dawgs? I guess "you ain't doing nothing" if nobody is hating on you.

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I'm actually enjoying all of this. I think people writing CMR off this soon will have another thing coming. I can't wait to see the turn around and how stupid all of these idiots are going to look. Unfortunately, now a days anybody with access to the internet and a computer can be a "journalist".

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