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New Cheerleaders....yum

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They certainly look a lot sluttier.

Blank to McKay:

"D amnit Rich, I need more sluts!"

agree.....i have longed for hotter and sluttier cheerleaders in the A-T-L.....just go down to Spring Street, go in the Cheetah, load the furbus up and bring'em to the dome. They can come straight to the dome after working the Saturday night shift in the fall :rolleyes:

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LOL @ the t-shirts that say "I <3 AFC"

AFC?? :blink:

Someone should have caught that little screw-up long before it ever hit the printing press.

But yeah....yum indeed.

Mayeb it means Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders? I Don't know just a Guess if it isn't a Mistake.

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