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Shahzad, Time Square Bomber: WHAT ARE WE THINKING?

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First off; So now Corey Feldman has reinvented himself AGAIN?

Edited 5/10 I was first, but SNL caught it too.


But more substantively. . .WHY did we arrest this guy? This is like taking Aaron Brooks out with a cheap shot. You want to keep the incompetent folks IN THE GAME!

And why are we going after the training camp and criticizing the bomb attempt? Shouldn't Obama say something to the effect of "We are fortunate to have discovered and dismantled this highly sophisticated and deadly bomb moments before it would have undoubtedly leveled New York. Clearly, the training this elite terrorist received was state of the art. We can only pray that those who aspire to destroy us or who currently training in other facilities do not transfer to the same Pakistani camp."

THAT would make us safer, wouldn't it?

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yea, I remember the first reports were they were looking for a white dude. What's up with that?

They were looking for a white dude because they thaught he was acting a little suspicious on the video. They ended up finding him based on the owner of the car. Apparently the chick had just sold it to the guy

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Sheriff Involved In Bomb Squad Drills Before Times Square Incident

NEW YORK – Lee County Sheriff Michael Scott was in New York City over the weekend and shortly after taking part in a New York City bomb squad training session, he found himself at the scene of a bomb scare in Times Square. Sheriff Scott spoke with WINK News.

Meanwhile, a law enforcement official says the registered owner of an SUV used in a botched bombing in Times Square told investigators he sold it for cash three weeks ago.

The official tells The Associated Press that the Connecticut owner questioned Sunday about what happened to the SUV says he sold the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder to a stranger.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to the AP on Monday because the investigation is at a sensitive stage.

Investigators interviewed the last owner on record of the vehicle in a probe of a failed bombing that cleared several streets around Times Square of thousands of tourists on a busy Saturday night.

Officials say the owner, whose name has not been released, is not considered a suspect in the botched bombing.



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Bumping my own thread for SNL plagiarism.

See first weekend update video.


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OK, HOW do you imbed video?

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