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I'm rooting for the rams, besides the falcons obviously. I think they would have a better shot at the division than a wildcard spot though, since none of the NFC West teams are very stable anymore. I can see those 4 teams pushing anywhere from 5 to 9, maybe 10 wins, from worst to best, so it will be a fight amongst the weaker powers in that division. The best of the worst, one might say.

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NFC - Redskins / Lions Hey we all know that McNabb can get to the playoffs, Redskins will have to find play-makers to compete on offense. Lions - Well how many more top 3 picks can one franchise hoard before they are finally a competitor.

AFC - ummm, it pains me to say...Denver. Team won 6 straight before basically hitting the rookie wall. Moreno steps up this year, I think Denver will be a competitor.

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IMO, the 49ers...

- Stronger OL to protect Smith in the pocket and open holes for Gore -- two 1st round OLs!

- Deeper WR core with the addition of Ginn -- Crabtree and Morgan, now Ginn??? Stupid speed. Don't forget the Davis factor.

- Defensive backfield improved with the Mays/Bowman additions.

- Alex Smith is destined to have a breakout year, if he can stay healthy though. He reminds me of Aaron Rodgers.

- Mike Singletary is the head coach. He gets the best out of his players and it showed last year.

Honorable mentions: Texans, Jaguars, and Titans

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I can think of 3 sleeper teams--Chicago, Seattle, and Washington. Cincy can't really be considered a sleeper since they won their division last year. Jay Cutler of the Bears will finally settle down in his second year with Chicago. I doubt he'll throw as many INT's as he did last year. They'll compete with GB and Minn for the division title.

Seattle had a great draft and should be much improved from last year. They should compete with SF for the NFC West title.

Washington, I think, is the team that will improve by leaps and bounds. They finally have a steady QB in McNabb and (as always) are a big spender. I expect them to compete with Dallas for the NFC East division.

If I had to pick a sleeper AFC team, I'd go with either Cleveland or Oakland.

Detroit as a sleeper team...??!?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That will never happen. Each and every year, someone states that they will do well...and they DON'T.

The lions have talent on both sides of the field if they can utilize that they will be good

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If we are talking teams that DID NOT make the playoffs last season than the NFC I think the clear choices would be the Falcons and the 49ers.

The AFC would be IMO the Texans and possibly the Broncos.

If its teams that were in the postseason last year and we are talking a run at the Super Bowl , I'd say Ravens or Jets for AFC and Vikings for NFC (*if Favre returns).

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Team not expected to do good that does just that.

For Example: 08' Falcons, 08' Dolphins, 09' Bengals

Ah ok.. that's what I thought from reading some of the posts, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks Birdz. ^_^

I will have to say the Lions. I don't like them, but I think they're going to surprise everyone this season.

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