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Dana got what was coming to her. I'm wondering what I'm going to watch after 24 is gone. :(

The 24 movie that they are working on that should come out shortly thereafter.

And btw, I literally stood up and applauded when Jack killed Dana. I knew once he answered "Nothing" when she asked "What do you want from me Jack?" that she no longer had any leverage. After all, he told her just a few minutes earlier that he (along with that file that she knew about) was the only thing keeping her alive. Once she handed it over, she was no longer needed.

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Based on the preview for next week, it looks like Jack takes a blowtorch to Renee's assassin's fellas. Awesome.

I love the way they are wrapping the series up. It's not going to be all sunshine and lollipops. Jack has gone off the deep end and some comeuppance is en route. I can't wait to see the last few hours!

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Am I the only one disgusted w/President Taylor's "peace at any price" mantra? How can she look President Hasan's widow in the eye knowing that Russia was involved?

It definitely bothers me because Taylor no longer cares about the nefarious entities and actions involved in this whole process--as long as the peace agreement is stabilized and secured, it doesn't matter to her. I tell you, it would be poetic justice (in a way) if after all her hard work to get the agreement on track, Dahlia is killed.

It just makes so much sense. And if Dahlia ever finds out that the Russians were involved while Taylor was skinnin and grinning to coax her into assuming her widowed husband's role as head of state...

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