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An update on PK's retirement plans

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NFL Player Development congratulates former @Seahawks and @Atlanta_Falcons DE Patrick Kerney on being accepted to Columbia Business School!


He was one of my favorite players all of the years he was here, and I always knew he was smart. Best of luck to him getting that degree and putting it to good use.

Always nice to see former Falcons (or NFL players in general for that matter) put together successful careers in the "real world"...

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The... uh... one in New York? Wow.

Yeah - that's what it looks like. Pretty impressive stuff.

Found this on the Seahawks official blog too:

It didn’t take Patrick Kerney long to get on with the rest of his life. The former Pro Bowl defensive end for the Seahawks, who announced his retirement two weeks ago, was accepted this week to the Columbia Business School.

“Off and running, in another direction,” Kerney said. “Back to school – a 33-year-old student.”

He had participated in NFL-sponsored seminars at the Wharton School of Business and Harvard the past two offseasons.

“That’s what sort of got me interested in the idea,” Kerney said. “I had so much fun with those experiences.”

Kerney also has no qualms about leaving the game.

“I loved my 11 years,” he said. “I poured everything I had into it, so that way I get to walk away with no regrets.”


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Is he taking semester credits for business school, or are they classes not for credit like he took the past 2 years?

Regardless, you know the ladies will be all over him in the classroom. Shoot, I would go back to college too after making a couple mill in the NFL.

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I'd best most business schools would fall all over themselves to get him. And yes, that is a veiled shot at Kerney not being able to get in the (assumed) 97th percentile that it would take to get into Columbia Business School with limited study time to take the GMAT.

Just sayin. But good for him.

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This just got me thinking. How awesome would it be to be sitting in class the first day as the prof is taking roll call and you hear "Patrick Kerney" and look back to see him in your class?

I'm sure Columbia Business School has a number of prestigious students, but yeah, he is probably the only football player.

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