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pre mini camp 53 man roster

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QB-ryan, redman, wilson

WR-white, douglas, wolfe

TE-gonzalez, peele, peek

RB-turner, norwood, nance

FB-mughelli, snelling

LT-baker, svitek

LG-blalock, johnson

OC-mcclure, hawley

RG-dahl, johnson

RT-clabo, reynolds

WR-jenkins, meier

DE-abraham, sidbury

DT-jerry, peters, bryant

DT-babinaux, walker

DE-biermann, davis

WLB-weatherspoon, woods

MLB-lofton, peterson

SLB-nicholas, wire

RCB-robinson, grimes, jackson

FS-decoud, shillinger

SS-coleman, moore, bush

LCB-owens, franks




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Assume you want some QBs?

No Adkins, Weems, Williams, Bryant - in favour of four UDFAs?

Not a fan TBH but thanks for posting. Let's see how it plays out.

i had us cutting ryan redman and wilson, but that only gave us 50 so since its a 53 man roster, i guess there's room for them afterall.

adkins will be outplayed by the less athletic more instinctive woods on D and ST's.

weems will be replaced as a PR by douglas and as a WR by wolfe.

williams may not be 100%.

bryant is 6-2, 315, and his 40 may be sub 5.00, if he can tie up two blockers he provides something anderson does not.

the reality is that our roster will probably change at the end of camp via trade, and waiver wire pick ups. i dont think this many UDFA's make final roster, it is preliminary based on what we have in camp.

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