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Walter Jones Retirement Speech


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Via Schefter on twitter:

On 5,703 pass attempts over 13 seasons, according to coaches stats, Walter Jones was called for holding 9 times and surrendered 23 sacks.

That's incredible! One of my most vivid memories of Jones was when we had to play them in '05 and Kerney had to go up against him a few times and he just got manhandled. They cut to a shot of Pat on the sideline late in the game and he had this dazed look on his face as if to say, "I can't do anything with this guy".

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It was 9 holding calls. Don't know about false starts or personal fouls.

From what I've found it's just 9 across the board. It's an awesome stat but it's something some OL take pride in. I always took pride in playing clean, I had 2 called on me from age 6 through the college level. I remember both clear as day. :lol:

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