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I just saw the Nightmare on Elm Street remake

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Let me begin by saying that the original NOES is one of my favorite movies. I really didn't have any high expectations for the remake. I expected it to suck, and it did. The first thing I didn't like is that they took some time to do a back story on Freddy. The back story pretty much ruined the whole movie for me bacause they tried to humanize Freddy and make the audience think that Freddy might actually be a good guy who is innocent of doing all the murders. That just took away all the suspense for me.

Another thing that I didn't like is that Rooney Mara is just awful as Nancy. I mean she is just really boring. I was hoping she would die. The CGI is alright, but overused. Same with the jump scares. The kills are okay but are few and far between. They also totally messed up the bathtub scene with Nancy.

There are a few things I did like. There are several scenes that are taken from the original movie, including the wall scene & Tina's bed death, but they are done a bit differently with a neat twist. I also liked the ending which is also a nice little twist from the original. When Kellan Lutz got killed, I almost jumped up and cheered. That guy is just annoying as ****. And Jack Haley is a pretty good Freddy, but the burn makeup looks more like a severe case of acne.

In summary, this might have been OK as a stand alone sequel. But as a remake, it sucks.

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I know the bed death scene, but what wall scene are you referring to? It's been a while since I've seen the original.

EDIT: NM, I'm guessing you were talking about his arms being stretched out between the walls in the alley. Just rewatched it and never realized how cheesy it was. The new scene better?

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I just saw it also and agree with most of what you said. However, I think if you never saw the original, you'd like it more. I say this because I was mildly disappointed to see how the new one had pretty much no creativity and just rehashed a lot of different scenes from the previous sequels.

I was expecting and hoping for something new. Some type of new take on the series. But it took the word "remake" too literal in my opinion.

So if you know the original movies well, I think you'd be more disappointed in comparison... as opposed to if you've never seen the originals and then everything seems new.

I'd give it a 7 out of 10... that may be a bit generous, though, because I'm a fan of Freddy in general.

Take out the fan aspect and I'd give it a 6 out of 10.

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Are there ever remakes of older films or foreign films that are ever good?

Examples of horrible remakes


Ju-on (The Grudge)


Halloween 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It's like that episode of South Park where they replace all the guns in Saving Private Ryan with walkie talkies.

These people need to be severely beaten.

RIP Dimebag

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