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Will The Atlanta Hawks Defeat the Bucks?


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After blowing yet another 4th quarter lead, the Hawks find themselves one game away from elimination. Most Hawks fans thought there was no way that the Bucks could beat the us, myself included. The loss at home Tuesday makes me extremely worried, especially since we are going on the road. To give the Bucks credit they have been shooting lights out from 3 point land as a team. It seems like every time they take a 3, swishh, it goes in and their bench has played outstanding. That's where I believe our problems lie in the Atlanta bench. They rarely played this entire series with the exception of Crawford and Zaza. I think I saw Teague and West come in for a minute or two (if that). I think our starters are just plain worn out by the 4th and we begin to struggle with our shot. I am still pulling for the Hawks to win these last two games but hopefully they will just be focused on tonights game first. But if we should lose I hope that we are able to keep Mike Woodson and Joe Johnson here and get rid of all our bench players except for Crawford. Good Luck Hawks!!!

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They've got a chance but they're going to need to get Josh running back and fourth on fastbreak baskets and get Bibby and Crawford to knock some early threes. If we get into a defensive game the Bucks are going to take this one at home.

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