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Draft Grade means nothing when it's all said and done.


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Draft Grades from Walterfootball.com

2004 Atlanta Falcons

Grade given on 5/1/04: A

Good Moves: All of Atlanta's selections were excellent. CB DeAngelo Hall will start right away. WR Michael Jenkins will provide Michael Vick with another weapon. OLB Demorrio Williams, DT Chad Lavalais, S Etric Pruitt and RB Quincy Wilson will all contribute in 2004. Owner Arthur Blank made a wise move by hiring general manager Rich McKay.

Bad Moves: The Falcons didn't need to select a backup quarterback (Matt Schaub) in the third round. They could have waited until round five.

2007 Atlanta Falcons

Grade given on 5/1/07: A+

Good Moves: Atlanta needed a pass rusher in the wake of Patrick Kerney's defection for Seattle, and that's exactly what they got with Jamaal Anderson at No. 8. Looking to make their offensive line larger, the Falcons chose Justin Blalock in the second round. Chris Houston was a steal two selections later; there's no way he should have made it past the Eagles at No. 36. Laurent Robinson is a talented receiver who can make a contribution if Michael Vick can get him the ball. Stephen Nicholas and Martrez Milner were excellent fourth-round picks. I also liked Jason Snelling in the seventh and Doug Datish in the sixth. Atlanta's best draft choice, however, was cornerback David Irons at No. 194. Irons was slated to go in the third round, so how did he make it all the way to the sixth?

Bad Moves: The Falcons had one of the best drafts this weekend. Another solid job by Rich McKay.

Instant 2007 Starters: DE Jamaal Anderson, G Justin Blalock.

Potential 2007 Starters: CB Chris Houston.

Other Picks: OLB Stephen Nicholas, TE Martrez Milner, DT Trey Lewis, CB David Irons, C Doug Datish, S Daren Stone, FB Jason Snelling.


Interesting comments about other teams...

Philadelphia Eagles

Grade given on 5/1/07: D

Bad Moves: Kevin Kolb? Kevin Kolb!? Easily one of the dumbest picks I've ever seen. How about Chris Houston?

2003 Detroit Lions Draft

Grade given on 5/1/03: A+

Good Moves: Obviously, Charles Rogers will give Joey Harrington a great target for the next decade. Second round pick OLB Boss Bailey was the best linebacker in the draft. Third rounder DE Cory Redding will one day replace Robert Porcher. Fourth rounder RB Artose Pinner gives the Lions more depth at that position. S Terrence Holt in the fifth round could compete for a starting job this year.

Bad Moves: None.

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Agreed. Draft grades so soon after the draft are just looking at whether or not positions of 'needs' (needs according to analysts and not FO) are addressed. Draft grades 3 years later, or more, show whether or not those players actually panned out.

I am going to take a wild guess that though TD may have not addressed the pass rush as much as I would have hoped, all the players he picked will turn out to be solid pros, something that couldn't be said of the McKay drafts that were picked based purely off of needs.

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