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I think Decoud is going to have a pro-bowl season.

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I haven't seen a player make such progress in one season, during the summer he looked like he was going to be a St player. Then he gets PT almost intercepts Brady twice, lays out two great running backs(one of which is the size of a lineman). I think during the season he worked on his hands but he just needs to take better angles on plays and make a play when he has the ball in his hands. But i can easily see him have a big season with the offense playing up to expectations teams will have to pass to make comebacks, Dunta and whoever starts next to him will force Qb's to overthrow balls and Abraham having a big season will all help and our improved run defense will and the return of PJ will also make our pass D better.

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Decoud really put on a show his 2nd year and emerged as a versatile athletic playmaking safety, the skys the limit for him for sure. Im even more excited to see William Moore get on the field. When you watch his college film he's very similiar, he makes athletic plays against the run and the pass all over the field, but he's bigger and even more athletic than Decoud


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