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Spoon: "I love being an Atlanta Falcon!"

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Not trying to be a cynic or put a damper on things, but when I hear comments from a

rookie stating things like "I love being a *insert a team*" or "I'm excited about being

drafted by a great organization", etc., it makes me shake my head. Cause y'all know,

bottom line that these guys are, for the most part, being disingenious. I mean, cmon,

last year if i'm not mistaken, Stafford after being selected by the Lions said

something along the lines of "I'm proud to be drafted by a great organization", please-

Just give a honest statement on how pleased you are about getting an opportunity to

play in the NFL and leave it go at that.

Having said that, Believe Spoon is genuinely happy about joining a team going places ;)

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He has no choice he has to say that.

Boy - that sounds like petty jealousy to me. Of course he has a choice - he could say nothing - he could talk about himself or he could tell the truth - and irk you enough to make this petty post.

Great Choice, Spoo-oon!

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