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NFL.com says we are average

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I'm of the opinion that you can't grade a draft until 3 years after.

exactly my opinion. maybe you can make a first grade after one season for the early picks, but most of the later round picks simply need time (and good coaching, of course) to develop into good or even great players.

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Not to worry..............almost EVERY casting director sometime in the 1950's and 60's said James Dean, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson, Burt Reynolds, Robert DiNero, Denzell Washington, Harrison Ford, Gene Hackman, Steve McQueen................and DOZENS more............were nothing but average.

Ask 95% of all recording artists who worked their way up the ladder of success (not the INSTANT American Idol Fantasy Stars).............they ALL have the same story...........all their early audition years were a flop, most recording studios told them to go home and get a real job. It's a story that never ends : So called EXPERTS, the ones who have done an outstanding job of fooling everyone into thinking they know what they are talking about are nothing but a bunch of DESPERATE PATHETIC FOOLS.

The 2010 Atlanta Falcon Draft will go down as one of the quietest, low profile, but SUCCESSFUL Drafts in the entire NFL.

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Atlanta Falcons: Fantastic overall value for this class with 11 bodies. Atlanta addressed a lot of needs, and might have gotten three immediate starters in defensive end Jamaal Anderson, offensive tackle Justin Blalock and cornerback Chris Houston. The fast and feisty Houston might end up being the steal of this class, and he should pair well with DeAngelo Hall. Linebacker Stephen Nicholas should be a quality special teams player and improve the depth at the linebacker spot with his versatility. Wideout Laurent Robinson has the raw skill to be a playmaker, but he seems more likely to be another frustrating wideout for the Falcons.

Grade: A

Got an "A" from some so-called "expert" for this class a few days after the 2007 draft. How'd that turn out for the Falcons?

• Atlanta Falcons: Everything rides on QB Matt Ryan. His stock climbed as the draft approached. The Falcons desired stability and a new face for the franchise. Not sure the second reason is enough to take Ryan (19 INTs last year) third overall. Traded back into first round for OT Sam Baker, who could well wind up at G, making this a reach. Liking the defensive picks more than the offensive ones, but Ryan ultimately makes or breaks this draft.


Got a C+ from a so-called expert a few days after the 2008 draft. How'd that turn out for the Falcons?

Basically, these grades carry about as much weight as Mike Woodson's coaching expertise does with me these days....

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I swear all the "Draft Experts" are copy and pasting half thier anylasis from each other. How is Mike Johnson undersized? That dude's as big as a house.

He's 312 lbs. The Saints and Falcons starting guards average 324 lbs. It may not sound like much, but 12 lbs is a pretty big difference. So at 6'5 312 lbs, he certaintly isn't small but he doesn't have great size. Notice the article never said he's undersized, just said he doesn't have great size.

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