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wish we grabbed my boy brandon banks

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played ball with my dude at garner NC and even though hes small hes a beast check him out even though its to late ive looked but havent found if hes been picked up yet or not

if not hope we grab him

With the NFL Scouting Combine a thing of the past now, one wide receiver who has been getting a good amount of hype from all the major sports Web sites is the speedy little receiver from Kansas State, Brandon Banks.

Banks went into the combine projected as a very late round pick or perhaps even becoming an undrafted free agent pickup after the draft, but the performance the speedster displayed was very impressive for an athlete who stands at 5'7" and 149 pounds.

Now, he is a lock for being drafted in the second half of April's draft.

At the combine, Banks displayed very good hands, route-running ability in the field drills, and a burst of speed going in and out of his cuts that might leave defenders in the dust who are trying to run with him.

A full-time starter at wide receiver for Kansas State in the two years he played there after transferring, Banks played much bigger on the field than his size would say.

Banks finished his career at Kansas State with 123 receptions for 1,754 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also had one rushing touchdown and returned five kicks for touchdowns too, four of which were in 2009 alone.

In a conversation this journalist had with Banks' representation on Thursday night, one play was recalled from the end of the 2009 season.

"Banks caught the ball, but then was hit hard by Nebraska's [Ndamukong] Suh, and even though he is smaller, his toughness and size allowed him to bounce right off of Suh breaking the tackle," said Banks' rep.

"I'm still trying to get that play on film, but I guarantee it would get a lot of attention once posted online."

He may be small, but Banks displayed confidence in a pre-NFL Combine interview this journalist had with phone via a phone call.

He still ran the 40-yard dash well, posting a time of 4.43 seconds which was tied for the fourth fastest time among the receivers.

Banks brings his talent into the NFL Draft, but he will bring an explosiveness that many teams are lacking on offense and on special teams?

He may only play on special teams in his rookie year, but Banks will instantly upgrade the return game for many teams that lacked in that area in 2009.

The following, in no particular order, are teams that may be interested in picking Banks in the second half of April's draft.


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He's still facing charges for Battery and possession of illegal stimulant. Hopefully he's clear of all charges and we pick him up, but as it looks now, he might be seeing time behind bars. Heck of a player though.

true but he has great drive and good heart who knows just thought id add it

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He looks incredibly quick and looks like he can go from stopped to full speed almost instantly. You can see in the video how he sets up blocks by slowing down and then instantly turns on the jets. He's pretty exciting to watch and I like how those little guys get lost behind NFL players so the defenders can't see them until they go flying past them.

If he is facing battery charges like somebody mentioned then there was zero chance TD was going to bring him in. Jeez, you would think the Bengals would at least give him a shot.

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