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A reflection


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Firstly.. This offseason has been a lot of fun, we have had some intense discussion, some laughs, and a great deal of buzz pre-draft.

Most importantly, and i feel it is something we can all improve on here, is getting behind our team, and our FO.

We have the mantra of "in TD we trust", but lets start trusting in our team. We are all here to speculate, and wish for certain free agents that we all like (believe me I can definitely be an addition to that list), but I have to say that I for one, am very very proud to be a falcons fan these days.

Our franchise has been through so so much, and it would not of been unrealistic to have been picking, much like the browns, lions and rams, in the top 10 for a few seasons to come.

Get behind our team, enjoy the battles, and the wins will come, and soon enough we can start dreaming of the Lombardi.

Rome wasn't built in a day, yeah we don't have the answer at End(long term, or do we?!?! :P ), but who has every gap sorted on their team?

Adversity and injuries will come, but we can look forward to some great camp battles, and know that TD, Smitty and Ryan will lead us down a very good path for many years.

The offseason and draft was a pleasure to be involved with, and many thanks for everyone who provided us all with the information and opinion so we can all be knowledgeable of our team.

The draft was fun, but maaaan, training camp, rapidreports, and that sweet sweet opening kickoff of preseason.

Lets get excited.

GO BIRDS, and go falcons fans.

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lol maybe us MSG boarders are all just natural pessimists?

To add on, yea a lot of us were annoyed we didn't get a DE, but how can anyone be disappointed in Spoon, he is the vocal leader we need, and I defy anyone to watch highlights of him without getting very excited about his prospects.

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