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How Much Will Dunta and Spoon Help this Defense?


D. Rob & S. Spoon = Instantaneous Impact?  

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  1. 1. How Will these Additions Affect our Defense?

    • Exponentially Better Upgrades
    • Significant Upgrades
    • Mediocre Upgrades
    • No Upgrades
    • Downgrades
    • These Guys Will Get Us Off the Field on 3rd Downs!
  2. 2. Are Either of them Pro-Bowlers?

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These two are the obvious big-name upgrades to the defense in this offseason, so it would be logical to think that either or both could come in next season and have an immeadiate impact.

-- In my opinion, I think these two alone change the outlook of this defense entirely.

But, I wanted to get an idea of what you all thought.


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Although it is purely speculation, it would be nice to see each one have a huge year! Problem is that the nfl is hard to predict. Drafts can be a crapshoot and anything can happen during the season. We have a very competitive conference and we must hope our guys develop before other teams players. If we can keep that edge, we will be ok...

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Robinson without a doubt will be an upgrade over what we had last year. The problem it creates, however, is that the guy opposite him will have a giant bullseye on his back. Alot of our defensive success will depend on who that person is, and how they respond.

As for Spoon, who knows? He could be a big upgrade, but he hasn't stepped on the field yet, so I can't judge him at this point.

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i don't think that they will make enough big plays to get to the pro bowl. 4-3 olb are "outshined" in the stat sheet by the pass rushing olbs of the 3-4 teams. and for dunta i don't think we will have enough pass rush that leads to interceptions for him. and to be a falcon isn't helping much if you want to make the pro bowl. abrahams 16.5 sacks in 2008 weren't even enough.

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If you can wait until after the first game I'll let you know :rolleyes:

Don't you see, you cannot answer the poll without know who is at the other positions.

DO you think either would be as effective with Johnson at NT as they would be with Perry at NT

Or do you think their success would be equal if James was at MLB instead of Lofton..

EACH position player effects the success of the others around him/.

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