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Defensive Questions That Will Be Answered This Year

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-Can John Abraham have a bounce back season?

Abe is coming off a relatively down season. He played all 16 games but I suspect he was hurt. He only had 33 tackles, 3 for loss, 5.5 sacks and 1 forced fumble. Statistically after having a season of 6 sacks or less, the worst sack output he's had the following year is 9.5. At 31 I still think he's still got something in the tank.

-Can Biermann show double digit sack potential?

Biermann came into the league at 240 pounds and had 21 tackles, 3 for loss and 2 sacks his rookie year. His 2nd year he showed signs of becoming a player with 49 tackles, 4 for loss, 5 sacks and a forced fumble and still flashed the burst despite the weight he put on. If he can improve upon that sack total in his 3rd year he may be the future at right end. I believe he will be improved in his 3rd year.

-Can Sidbury show signs of being a player?

Sidbury was considered a similiar to project to Biermann when drafted but with bigger size. He only had 5 tackles a sack and fumble recovery for a touchdown as a rookie. I haven't seen much of Sidbury but athletically he looks the part. Hopefully he can notch a couple sacks this year but Im not in position to say.

-Can Davis be a factor as a pass rusher?

Davis will play right end on most of our run downs with Anderson at left end. This will let us keep our pass rushers fresh and put us in position to rush the QB by stuffing the run on early downs. Davis is experienced but has never been a great pass rusher so his niche for now will probably be run stopper and 4th pass rusher. If given the opportunity he's probably capable of 4 or 5 sacks a year.

-Can Anderson do anything?

I think the staff knows Anderson will never be a pass rusher and is content to let him play out his contract as a run stopping defensive end where he has some value because of his size and back up pass rushing DT

-What's going on with Babineaux?

We dont know if Babineaux could be looking at a suspension for his drug case. He had a career season last year with 47 tackles 10 for loss 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles and if hes focused could put up Pro Bowl numbers this season. We need him

-Can Jerry make an impact this year?

Jerry was looking like a player before he went down but is essentially a rookie in terms of NFL game experience. We need him too

-Can Peters make an impact as a rookie?

Ideally Peters steps in as the #3 immediately and shows he can play as a rookie. We may need him if Babs is suspended or Jerry isnt healthy. Well need him to rotate in during games as well

-Can Walker become a player?

Walkers production slipped his senior year but he put up monster numbers as a junior. If he puts it together he could be a big steal

-Can Spoon step in and make an impact year 1?

I expect Spoon to step into the weakside spot week 1 and make it his own for a longtime very quickly. LB is the easiest position for a rookie to step in and make an impact and Spoon is the complete package from an athletic, production and leadership standpoint

-Can Lofton develop 3rd down capabilities?

Lofton will always be a better run defender than pass defender simply based on his physical abilities. In his 2 years starting Lofton has 227 tackles, 7 for a loss, but only 1 sack, 3 forced fumbles, 5 passes defensed and no interceptions. I don't think he'll ever be an elite pass defender but hes skilled enough to get a few sacks and interceptions a year as he develops

-Peterson vs Nicholas

Peterson was productive last year as a vet but so was Nicholas in his 1st year starting. Im sure neither wants to give up their starting spot. Id prefer Nicholas wins to continue developing our young talent but if Peterson does win our Nicholas can focus on blitzing or lining up at DE to rush the QB

-Who will win the #2 spot?

As of today I think Grimes has the #2 spot as he had 6 picks and 13 passes broken up last season. Owens had 2 picks and 2 passes broken up as a rookie and will be his main competition but could end up in the nickel

-Who will be the nickel?

If Grimes is the #2, Owens will probably be the nickel, with his competition coming from Jackson. Jackson Franks and Williams will battle it our for the dime and special teams.

-Coleman vs Moore

Id love to see Moore take the starting SS job for Coleman in camp and add another talented athletic young defender to our D. When you see the film on Moore from college he really looks like a player.

-Who's the kicker?

Bryant or Elam or whoever we have doesnt inspire confidence in me and Id like to atleast see some one brought in for competition

-Who's the return specialist?

Weems was the returner last season but he's never going to be a game breaker. Norwood and Douglas are probably the next most dangerous threats but theyre key to the offense and we cant risk getting them hurt

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The main things I will be looking at in the preseason:

1. The play of Beer-Man and Sidbury off the edge.

2. The play of Jerry and Peters in the middle.

3. O-line blocking.

4. Secondary play. Especially DR and the growth of possible second year starters like DeCoude, Owens, & Grimes.

5. Of course the play of Spoon. Hoping to see a 4 down monster (3 downs + special teams).

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Grimes is too short to play starting corner IMO. He is an ideal nickel back tho because of his vision and interception ability. Owens will start next season. He looked really good towards the end of the year.

Grimes is taller than Owens.

Grimes: 5'10" 185

Owens: 5'9" 181

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