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Neg me 25 times and we will make playoffs


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Um What kind of thread is this?...

This is a thread slap in the face of the neg system.

I have seen obsessive abuse of the neg system. It's totally off base IMO.

I'm not a negger. Not really a pluser either.

The only value of the neg system is allowing all the internet wimps that call Mods at home on a Sunday night at 3am a chance to deliver some sort of internet penalty while the mods sleep.

You wimps wouldn't have survived this board back in 2000. It was let's just say, feisty. Man Up.

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I don't know what's dumber: this thread or the fact that you're a part of the "3 AM Crew."

So you guys stay up until 3 AM the night/morning before the game and post stuff like "LETS DO IT!!!!!!" "AHHHH HICKRY STIK 'EM TO DEATH!!!" "WE READYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!?"

Sounds like fun. I bet you guys have girls all over you.

No just one girl. My wonderful wife. Sorry youre so miserable, go ahead and neg me maybe it will make you feel better. Come on buddy

The 3am thing was done back in 2008 when every game had the impact of a playoff game cause it was such a tight race. That season was the greatest season in Falcon history in my IMO cause no expected it and you know the rest and its still hard to believe. So much energy surrounded that season it was fun to come on and act like lunatics after coming home but now its becoming expected so I dont see it happening again.

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bump just to see him get to -100

By the way, how many negs does it take to start a dynasty?

Hah good question a Dynasty is difficult but not impossible to achieve so Im thinking -200

and if somehow I get a suspension out of this Im thinking thats got to be worth 4 Superbowls in a row

and Ive seen this board come together and make things happen so I wouldnt be surprised


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