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Both players came out of Tennessee in 2002. That must have been one sick line for the Vols. Both players, therefore, are entering their 9th season.

Henderson only missed 4 starts in 8 years. Haynesworth has missed 26 games in that span, only playing in all 16 games his rookie season.

Henderson has 29 Sacks. Haynesworth has 28 sacks.

Henderson has 423 combined tackles, 329 solo, 94 assist.

Haynesworth has 308 combined tackles, 228 solo, 80 assist.

Henderson has 8 forced fumbles, Haynesworth has 6.

Henderson has 38 pass defensed (most likely tipped balls), Haynesworth has 23.

Henderson is 6'7", 335lbs Haynesworth is 6'6" 350lbs

****!!! Hope the Saints get this guy instead of Albert..

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We'll on the radio they said, after Hendersons release the Falcons wanted to talk to Henderson. Even as a stop gap player for a couple of years that would be awsome. Hes, 31 and 6 f 7 335, and played with smitty already. Just the possibilities. Abe, Henderson, Babs and or Jerry, Bierman and Sidbury. And almost guranteed JA98 would be toast. :P

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I hate that it looks like KC is going to have the first crack at signing him. BRING HIM HOME TD!

It's hard to believe he'd sign with KC, There not going anywhere for a long time. Giants and the Falcons seem like the most logical choice...Well, for me. Plus he has a lot of old teammates on the Falcons with Peterson, and others. Now we should go after Rashean Mathis. :)

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