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Your thoughts on each pick


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Rather than clustering the forum with different topics, just post yours here instead.

Weatherspoon - A - Weatherspoon is an ideal fit for our scheme at OLB. He flashes Ray Lewis-like talents but just needs to improve his football intelligence and become more mature until he becomes close to Lewis' level.

Peters - C - He has a good quick first step against the pass but is a non-factor on plays when against the run. Needs to develop more pass-rush moves and 2nd moves when those fail. Needs to learn to use his hands better too. Good lower body strength though. Reach?

Mike Johnson - A+ - This guy is good. Good blocker in both aspects of the game and should start right away, hopefully over Blalock at LG. Good assurance all over the line too with his good lateral agility and will make any LT look better. Steal.

Joseph Hawley - B- - Looks solid. Flashes being a run mauler and an elite pass blocker too, at times looks better than the #1 C prospect in this draft. Good at moving out to the 2nd level, shows good foot speed and balance to block on the move. Consistency is very much needed and like almost all OL coming out, needs to get stronger. Reach?

Dominique Franks - B+ - Right now, just a cover corner. Isn't very physical and doesn't like to come up in run support. Should see time on passing downs but doubtful starter until he learns to tackle correctly and come up to support the run.

Kerry Meier - A - I really like this WR. Great route runner and very intelligent with good size. Will catch a lot of balls. Dependable and clutch. Improvises while running routes to compensate his lack of pure speed to beat his man and does it very well.

Shann Schillinger - ? - Don't know anything about him. He played the same place Kroy so maybe they liked something when they first seen him. Probably a ST player but as I said, don't know much about him.

I'd give it an overall grade of B right now.

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