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J. Moore list 11 undrafted FA


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■Leroy Banks, TE, Southern Miss

■Tim Buckley, QB, Alcorn State

■Rafael Bush, S, S. C. State

■Gabe Derricks, S, San Diego

■Justin Drescher, LS, Colorado

■Weston Johnson, LB, Wyoming

■Dimitri Nance, RB, Arizona State

■Michael Palmer, TE, Clemson

■Colin Peek, TE, Alabama

■Ryan Wolfe, WR, UNLV

■Bear Woods, LB, Troy

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Do you have any official confirmation on us signing Brandon Harvey?

I can't help but think that with all these signings of WRs that we are about to see a substantial reshuffle or our receiver group. Watching the film on some of our new Birds of Prey, I see a replacement/ heir apparent to Finnernan which is most certainly needed.Bbut we also have guys with blocking skills that match up to if not overshadow Jenkins. And also appear to have superior receiving skils (Meier/Wolfe especially).

Does anyone here feel it it is possible that Jenkins will not be our number 2 guy? (only in theory, until we see these guys in camp ,we can't say for certain)

If this is the case do you think it is worth keeping him on the team or do you think we should trade him away and beginning the exposure/ submersion process of these younger players?

Of our 2 confirmed WRs (Wolfe, Meier) acquisitions I'm most excited about Meier, the way he plays always seems to give the QB a chance. In one of the highlights the QB threw to him past about 3 defenders all in proximity close enough to break the pass up or make a pick and he brought the pass in at a stretch. A guy that garners that level of confidence from a QB who I wouldn't say is as good as Matty Ice, definitely is someone worth keeping an eye on, and is exactly the type of player you should be looking to for your possession receiver/#2.

He plays into space and from the snap he seems to know exactly where he is going to when adjusting his routes to beat the zone. Playing against zone coverages very seldom does he seem to be covered and even if he is, he has already gained the body position that lets him make a play. Against man he is physical and again he uses his frame well to get a chance to make a play on the ball. His lack of elite initial burst off the line of scrimmage may make days against the better corners in the game harder for him but with his level of QB smarts and general FBI, I can't see that becoming a major problem for him.

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