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My Dream 53 Man Roster


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Well I am bored so here we go!

QB - Ryan, Redman, Wilson

RB - Turner, Norwood, Snelling

FB - Ovie

TE - Gonzo, Palmer, Peek

WR - White, Jenkins, HD, Finn, Meier, Wolfe

T - Baker, Clabo, Reynolds, Svitek

G - Dahl, Blalock, Johnson, Hawley

C - McClure, Hawley, Johnson

DE - Abe, Kroy, Sid, Davis, JA98

DT - Jerry, Babs, Peters, Lewis, JA98

OLB - Spoon, Nicholas, Wire, Bear

MLB - Lofton, Peterson

CB - Robinson, Ownes, Franks, Grimes, (Bush-Chevis-BW) = BATTLE!

S - Decoud, Coleman, Moore, (Giordano-Schillinger) = BATTLE!

P - Koenen

K - Lindholm

LS - (Drescher-Zelenka) = Does anyone really care?

Now by doing this, it only adds up to 52 players, But as you can see, its pretty dang good depth. I dont know if I would put Adkins on it for ST or just add another Corner. KR/PR would be either Douglas or Franks. Thoughts?

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I understand that we just signed some UDFA, but to move Adkins our for Bear is crazy and the same with the secondary UDFA we just signed. We do have a practice squad and that is usually where the UDFA and late late round picks end up. The only UDFA that I think will make the 53 is Peek because I do think he is an upgrade over Zinger based on Peek's experience in a pro-style offense.

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Thanks for all the responses. As for the DT posistion, if we pick up henderson, he will be taking that final spot up for grabs and we will have serious depth at that position. As for weems. Didn't he get like a DUI? All he was was a return man and last I checked, douglas was much more productive at that position. Finn is clutch and a hack of a special teams player. Also, I feel this will be finn's last year so that why I have him on the final roster. Williams is coming off an injury so there is no way you can guarentee him a spot. Adkins and bear is the toughest one for me. Adkins has 1 year of experience on him being a special teamer so it wouldn't be hard for bear to take that from him. I would like for them both to be on the final but who knows. I think I touched on everything. Oh tight end wise. Peele is nothing special. I strongly feel that we hit the jackpot on UDFA TE's. Palmer is a great catching TE and will be able to be groomed from the best. The peek along with johnson on the line have a good blocking resume from bama. Can you say HEISMAN! Preciate the positive feedback

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