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Wesigned a big leg UDFA Kicker


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Can you say GEM!

If this guy can kick anywhere near as good in the Pros as he did in college this kid could be a steal! All he need's it looks like is some training with his accuracy.

In TD we trust. I have been so happy with our draft and then post-draft signings.

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I just went through his final season games and here is how he did



G. Lindholm 1st 04:07 39 yards Good

G. Lindholm 2nd 06:03 31 yards Good

G. Lindholm 4th 00:00 64 yards Good

G. Lindholm OT 15:00 27 yards Good

G. Lindholm 3rd 02:06 20 yards Good

G. Lindholm 4th 11:35 48 yards Missed

G. Lindholm 2nd 09:29 44 yards Good

G. Lindholm 4th 00:12 36 yards Good

G. Lindholm 4th 00:00 55 yards Good

G. Lindholm 2nd 13:29 47 yards Missed

G. Lindholm 2nd 02:40 25 yards Good

G. Lindholm 4th 09:16 40 yards Good

G. Lindholm 2nd 04:42 32 yards Good

G. Lindholm 1st 08:13 38 yards Good

G. Lindholm 2nd 10:02 46 yards Good

G. Lindholm 1st 10:25 47 yards Good

G. Lindholm 1st 05:24 41 yards Missed

G. Lindholm 4th 07:44 44 yards Good

83% with long of 64

average kickoff 68.8 yards

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Tarleton State kicker has his day in the sun

Posted: March 24th, 2010 | Gil Brandt

With North Texas linebacker Tobe Nwigwe — the Mean Green’s top prospect — sidelined because of a foot injury, that left the door open for kicker Garrett Lindholm of Tarleton State to take center stage at the North Texas pro day.

And that’s just what Lindholm did in front of 13 NFL teams — including the Cowboys — by putting on an impressive performance.

Lindholm (5-foot-7 5/8, 185 pounds), who made a 64-yard field goal in a game last season (third longest in NCAA history), connected on three of four from 60 yards with a 10 MPH wind. Against the wind, his best kick made was from 42 yards. On kickoffs against the wind, Lindholm booted the ball 64, 65 and 60 yards with good hang time. He looked very good overall.

All together, eight North Texas players worked out, while Lindholm and eight others joined them. And the kicker was the star.

But the 64-yarder wasn't the Plugerville native's only long kick of the year. Altogether, Lindholm connected on seven of 10 kicks of 40 yards or more last season and was perfect inside of 40 yards.
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Hmmm! watched most of this and he missed several shorter kicks with NO pressure. Not sure this is way to go but good practice material.

He missed zero kicks inside the 40 yard line this year....Not saying he is the answer.... Just saying you guys are reading a little to much of a guy by just combine like video....

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Lindholm signs with Atlanta Falcons on Free Agent deal

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4/25/2010 2:25:14 PM

ATLANTA - According to some reports, former Tarleton Texan Garrett Lindholm has signed a free agent contract with the National Football League's Atlanta Falcons.

Lindholm signed a two-year free agent deal with the Falcons, and the Pflugerville native will now have to make team to give the Texans their second player active in the NFL this coming season.

"Within a minute and a half after the draft, I had a deal done with the Falcons," Lindholm said. "I was relieved. There were no kickers taken in the draft this year, and we really thought that one of us would have gone.

"I knew that once the draft was over, it would be a flurry," Lindholm continued. "Atlanta, Indianapolis and Cleveland all had a lot of interest in me, so I decided I would pick what I believed is the best option for me before someone went another way."

The Falcons flew the special teams coach to meet with Lindholm last Monday to watch him kick.

"I am excited," Lindholm said. "I just hope to do everything I can to make the team and have the chance to play in the NFL."

Lindholm will take part in the Falcons' mini-camp which is set to begin on May 6.

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