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Round 1 - Typically round where you draft a starter; drafted Weatherspoon versatile (Grade A)

Round 2 - Another starter, I guarantee no other team selection was better then ours; GonzalezHOF (A++)

Round 3 - Depth, already have two starters, can learn from them and coach Hamilton; Peters hard worker

(C+)but can easily change to a B/A with playing time

Round 3 com - Depth, eventual starter along with last year selection Garrett, Dimtroff knows what he is doing by placing high tenders on Clabo and Dahl. Once someone goes after them TD will use the picks to select the guy he wants on the OL; Johnson came from a winning program, durable (Grade C)

Round 4 - Depth, can learn from McClure and maybe fill in to be his replacement when McClure decides to retire. He could also stay as the back-up if TD finds someone better next year 2011. Either way he is a backup; Hawley for his use I give him a (Grade C)

Round 5 - Depth, With Williams getting older they need to groom another corner to be in on the rotation, He's not expected to step in right away and has time to learn from Robinson, Williams and Coach Lewis; Franks good ball skills and has time to work on his tackling. (Grade C) only going to contribute to ST year 1 but can offer more over the next couple of years.

Round 5 com - Depth, can't do any worse than Booker, can learn from Finneran. Some of the other NFL teams are stack at WR and could be cut prior to the start of the season; Meier (Grade C) has good hands but will have a hard time finding time to play.

Round 6 - Depth, taking over for tool box Harris; Schillinger (no grade) Should be a good role player

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