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Kerry Meier who? (Vids inside)


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You just made the 6th thread about the same person. Why not contribute to one of the 5 existing Kerry Meier threads rather than make a new one?

Board is slow, cant tell if threads was made about the guy already. -_-

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Maybe this the single reason why TD drafted Meier!

The future Ryan - Meier- White connect :wub:

his nickname was "old faithful" because he doesn't drop things. He is a former QB who is a WR that is quick out of his cuts. He hasn't reached his full potential, and we have an OC that likes to draw up trick plays. This guy could be a nice gem.

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I like this pick a lot. Looks like a great slot receiver in the NFL to me. Big size, explosive off the line, good route runner, and terrific hands. I don't see him as Jenkins replacement though bc of his marginal top end speed. The slot seems perfect for him and I love his versatility to throw on trick plays as well. How do yall think Douglas would look in Jenkins spot as the #2 wideout? He's shown to be great in the slot and we know he has the speed (at least pre-injury). Jenkins will obviously get the starts so just pure speculation, but I'm loving our depth now at WR!

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