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Mike Johnson


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He played in the SEC on the national championship team, didn't miss a single game starting 3 years in a row, & blocked for the Heisman winner... not sure how this guy didn't get picked much higher to be honest. I watched some of his film and he's a really smart guy with a great attitude. He's a definite TD/Smitty guy. I think he's better than Campbell, Asamoah, Jerry, & Petrus as well as a higher value than Walton or Tennant, so I feel we got him in the right spot. OG is a definite need with both our guard's contracts coming up next year. I think this guy is plug-n-play rotating in at LG with Blalock right away. And I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't take Tennant next & let him immediately battle Ojinnaka for playtime with Dahl while subbing ocassionally for McClure as well.

Either way, MJ can play this year & give us improvement at depth immediately & I think he was the best value at a need position for us at 98. There's still a ton of good DE's & WR's on the board. This position with this type of player was needed more though.

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