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56... they're not putting Tuggle's number back into circulation.

If Brooking would have acted more classy when we played the Cowboys then 56 probably wouldn't be available.

However Brooking's antics were well documented so I think there's a good chance Spoon gets #56.

I'm not sure. Brooking had a long, productive career with the Falcons. One of the cornerstones of the team for a long time. Five consecutive Pro Bowls. Hometown guy. Even with his move to the Cowboys. You don't have a going away press conference for a guy then give away his jersey number. Even if he appeared less than classy, it's not in the Falcons organization to return the favor. At least I don't think it is.

Also, just because a number isn't officially "retired," doesn't mean that a jersey number can necessarily be worn.

Case-in-point: the Falcons "ring of honor" for retiring numbers didn't exist until a few years ago, and yet if you look at the Falcons all-time roster via jersey number, it's plain to see they removed certain jersey numbers long before any number retirement was official.

Examples: no one wore 78 after Kenn retired, 57 after Van Note retired, 58 after Tuggle, 31 after Andrews, 60 after Nobis...the two exceptions being Humphrey's 87 and Bartkowski's 10 (though no one's worn 10 after Scott Campbell, who joined the falcons the season following Bart's retirement).

What's more is you didn't see those numbers even being worn in the preseason. And there was certainly no "56" this past preseason - when most all numbers available get used.

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