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Guest mashburn

It's why I rarely email or text my girlfriend, sh*t gets lost in translation, so to speak

+1. wish I could give you more ++++'s.

you don't know how many times it has started a fight with me and my wife. and its messed up when she tries to fight woth me over text. (I"ll never forget the first one read wrong.....lets just say we laugh about 4 years later.

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Hey Kids, 'Ear Muffs'

Oh, and one more rant while I'm at it. Why the 'FRENCH' do I have to listen to ********* Troy Aikmen commentate on a game ever? Every time I watch a game that this moist do-do covered arse lint covers he takes a side (not ours) before kickoff and talks the entire game about how we just aren't up to par. Then when we win He'll focus on one play and one player to say it's the only reason we won.

After all how many throat opening shaft dives can this guy pull off in a single game? Doesn't he have room for one more in that big ol sun baked dallas d-hole of his?????

The Gospel according to The O.D.B. B)

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Did the Lions see that commercial? Is that why we got hosed on the trade? :ph34r:

Oh my gosh, that's it! I already knew TD is a genius, but this move of his was so subtle I completely missed it until now. The story out there is that Detroit put the squeeze on us and made the terms of the trade more in their favor at the last minute (by threatening to say Houston failed the physical). But really, all of that was just a crazy, magical, "reverse smokescreen" planned and executed by TD to keep the Lions from noticing how badly they were being duped. We probably got twice what Houston is really worth, but the Lions feel like they strong-armed us.

TD is a freakin' ninja.

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I remember getting an ESPN tease of the Falcons (before ryan)and I would stay up an extra 2 hours to try and see highlights of a game I didn't see. Usually, I would have to go to sleep for work the next day but, If I did catch it the clip and talk was about 10 seconds before they moved on to the cowboys or giants. I still hate this.

Does anyone know if the Falcons are climbing up the franchise value charts? Im guessing we'll get more air time the more valuable/popular we get. When last I checked I believe we were just ahead of the Cardinals.

I do the SAME things. I want to catch some highlights and I wait like 3 hours and they spend like 2 mins on it. VERY annoying.

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