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What Position Should The Falcons Pick at 19?

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My opinion is too draft a good OL, i think we have CB covered decently, and we dont need another bust DE like JA98. We have talented line backers. My pick is Mike Iupati, or Maurkrice Pouncey

What is your opinion

and try to provide to me a specific player like i did.

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Guest mashburn

I am thinking they will go with Spoon if he is there. I read a article about how Lofton. in the article Lofton mention good things about weatherspoon and spoke highly of him. So I really think Spoon is the number one pick in my eyes.

also I think they might be seriously looking at Tennant and not just throwing smoke. the reason being is cause of matt ryan with tennant. and I really think mike smith and TD will take a good concederation of their players.

But if Weatherspoon is not their then I think we will go after Graham. both guys look solid, but Weatherspoon impressed me with the way he talked with his teammates during their times. he pumps them up to become better. and also spoon can do some talking and can back it up.

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Guest mashburn

if you want to start a poll. you do it when you start a topic. it is "manage poll" it is located under where you write in the topic.

good ? by the way.


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