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Our 3rd round pick


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I can't decide who I like more at DE Morgan 1 year of production or udersized Graham,but I think we need kavell in 3rd we should have 2 3rd round picks already and I would keep snelling.

I would like to keep Snelling to but the fact is Snelling has value and when we can pick up a guy in the 3rd rd that is just as good as Snelling and is faster. Ben Tate can be the future number 1 that can carry the load. Snelling could possible be but he will have to have that change of pace back with him.

We cant keep guys because we would like to. We have to upgrade positions and the more picks we have the better the chances are of us trading around and getting the guys we want.

Why would you not let Kroy have a chance to show how much he has developed?

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