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1991 falcons vs Cowboys on NFL network


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They were just talking about Tim Green and how he weighted 236 pounds and lining up against 300 pounders! Man, it was a unfair advantage that Dallas had against other teams since all of their line was taking massive steroids! Even with all that, the hammer was just destroying people! He was definitely my favorite!

(Truth be told, I imagine our team was no different than any other team in those days as far as taking 'roids)

And it was total BS that Irvin was allowed to push off on every frigging play! It was blatant offensive pass interference but they just wouldn't call it! I used to get so pissed off at that! Frigging Prima Donna and now he is in the hall of fame? What about that hotel room and that mound of cocaine? Swept under the rug! What about him almost KILLING his teammate Everett McIver! He was paid off by the Cowboys and of course the story was swept under the rug! He's in the Hall Of Fame but Jessie Tuggle and Tommy Nobis aren't? What a joke!

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I watched this once before. Deion had a pass go right through his hands in the end zone. Perfect pass from Chris Miller. Didn't see a lot of showboating on that one. :lol:

And Jack Del Rio playing linebacker!.. Strange to watch.

We were playing some type of 3-4 defense back then with Moe Gardner at NT. Moe Gardner weighed like 270 or something. Just a ridiculous scheme from the mind of Jerry Glanville.

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