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Bang for our Buck

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The USA today released a breakdown of the salaries of every NFL team a couple of days ago. The Falcons had a total salary of 95 million dollars. Among the few teams below the 100 mill mark, the falcons were one of only a few that had winning records last year. Others included the Bengals, Pats, and Cowboys (shocked me too). The chiefs were among the highest. While this was for last year and doesnt include Dunta, i think that it speaks well of our recent draft classes. We have a lot of young, mid round picks who have become valuable players and weve avoided spending ridiculous amounts on FAs. TD is a genius and i think that he is smart staying away from people like peppers and kampman. White, Ryan, and Turner are payed quite a bit, obviously, but consider guys like Lofton, Babs, Clabo and others who are HUGE parts of our team that we don't have to overpay. Not quite sure what this all means but it made me a little proud and i thought that it should be mentioned.

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