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Healthcare Reform: Someone in Washington gets it..


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Wow. How did that guy get into office? No, really, I'm serious. If he represented Georgia that would have been all I needed to hear to vote that guy out of office.

He's basically saying that our system is better than another system that happens to be government run (not even the same way we want to do it), people will start dying if we make our system in any way government run. I don't even know where to start... I'd hope someone with that kind of logic wouldn't even be able to pass college, let alone high school.

1) The fact that he basically said "If we change, the people you love are going to die" is classless enough.

2) The kind of logic he presents is almost eerily bad. The US and Canada are suddenly the same country? Using his logic I could just as easily say that random country X has less regulation than we do and their cancer survival rates are a fraction of ours, so anyone who wants to deregulate wants to kill my family.

By the way, just as a little side note, I'm surprised he was stupid enough to say that 85% of americans can afford coverage. 85% of americans HAVE coverage... medicare and medicaid included.

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