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New knickname for Snelling

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He lies and covers up his dirty secrets?

Toyota finally has a chink in their armor. If this was Ford, Government Motors, or Chrysler, it wouldn't even be news. Everyone is used to their complete lack of quality over the last 40 some odd years.

Kind of funny how Toyota is doing a voluntary recall instead of being forced to like the aforementioned maunfacturors. Kind of funny how the actual documented number of cases involved accounts for less than .001 % of the vehicles on the road? Could it be, that the US govt. needs to make sure that they are getting a return on the billions that they've invested in the domestic car manufactorers and is using whatever they can to knock the top competition down?

The problem that I have with this, is that there are a lot of honest, hard-working people (including myself) whose incomes are being negatively affected by what really amounts to little more than a media witchhunt.

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10th best overall back according to PFF (Turner at 12, Norwood at 36): http://www.profootballfocus.com/by_position.php?tab=by_position&season=2009&pos=HB&stype=r&runpass=&teamid=-1&numsnaps=25&numgames=1

He's doing something right.

Jamaal Charles 3rd, Justin Forsett 7th, Snelling 10th, Bush 11th? Do you truly think that list accurately represents the running backs in the NFL? Steven Jackson was #2 in rushing yards, but he's the #36 running back? A.P. was 5th in yards, 1st in TD's, but he's the #17 running back? That list is pure garbage.

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