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Scott Carasik's mock 3-11-2010

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1st round: That's my dream scenario right there. Derrick Morgan is my favorite player in this year's draft. Reminds me so much of a mix between Kerney and Justin Tuck. Built like Kerney, plays like both.

3rd round: Not really a big fan of Cooper's but he makes me field better with the next pick.

3rd round comp: Love Edds from what I've seen, good pickup here.

4th: Like the Walton pick, think he is a solid interior lineman.

5th: Don't know anything about him.

5th comp: Don't like it, we don't need a QB.

6th: Fan of his, not a fan of him coming to Atlanta though.

6th: LOVE this pick if somehow he miraculously falls here.

7th: Another TE? And Pitta in the 7th, lost credibility.

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I know you put a lot of hard work into that, but I would change just about 80 percent of your selections for the Falcons.

19) Atlanta Falcons – DE Derrick Morgan – 6′3″ 266 – Georgia Tech

83) Atlanta Falcons – WR Riley Cooper – 6′3-3/8″ 222 – Florida

98) Atlanta Falcons (comp) – OLB A.J. Edds – 6′3-5/8″ 246 – Iowa

117) Atlanta Falcons – C J.D. Walton – 6′2-5/8″ 300 – Baylor

132) Atlanta Falcons (from Detroit) – OT Mike Tepper – 6′5-1/4″ 324 – California

164) Atlanta Falcons (comp) – QB Jarrett Brown – 6′2-7/8″ 224 – West Virginia

167) Atlanta Falcons (from Detroit) – S Kam Chancellor – 6′3-1/4″ 231 – Virginia Tech

185) Atlanta Falcons – TE Anthony McCoy – 6′4-1/2″ 259 – Southern California

238) Atlanta Falcons (comp) – TE Dennis Pitta – 6′4-1/2″ 245 – Brigham Young

Based off your player pick projections round and number I think my mock would look more like this.

19) Atlanta Falcons – DE Derrick Morgan – 6′3″ 266 – Georgia Tech - Consistently productive player and the best pure LDE in this draft, also one of our bigger needs. If Morgan is available at this position we have to pull the trigger.

83) Atlanta Falcons – OLB A.J. Edds – 6′3-5/8″ 246 – Iowa - High character, hard working, consistently productive SLB. Would allow us to move Nicholas to his more natural WLB position, giving us a very young and versatile group of LB.

98) Atlanta Falcons (comp) – QB Jevan Snead – 6′3″ 219 – Ole Miss - I'll agree we need a QB to groom as Redmans replacement, but in addition Snead might actually develop into nice trade bait a year or 3 down the road.

117) Atlanta Falcons – WR Demaryius Thomas – 6′3-1/4″ 224 – Georgia Tech - Playing in any other offense there's no way in **** you find this kind of talent in round 4. Thanks to Paul Johnson's goofy offense and a broken foot we steal a 1st round talent in the 4th, adding depth and a real challenger to the # 2 WR position.

132) Atlanta Falcons (from Detroit) – TE Jimmy Graham – 6′6-1/4″ 260 – Miami - Unbelievable physical specimen at a position of "future" need. Can come in and learn to play the position from the greatest TE to ever play the game. Complete steal in the 5th.

164) Atlanta Falcons (comp) – OT Chris Marinelli – 6′6-3/8″ 300 – Stanford - Versatile OLineman that has played both the OG and OT position. A project player that has tremendous upside. High character, hard working team first player.

167) Atlanta Falcons (from Detroit) – C Eric Olsen – 6′3-7/8″ 306 – Notre Dame - Future replacement for McClure, can sit a year or 2 and learn the position before working his way into a starting role. Hard worker that plays from snap to whistle, should fit in very nicely with our OL mindset.

185) Atlanta Falcons – CB Walter McFadden – 5′11″ 182 – Auburn - Good size and speed combo, can work on ST and learn from the other DB's. Will work and learn the play book to play a more significant role on defense next year. Future replacement for Brian Williams.

238) Atlanta Falcons (comp) – K Leigh Tiffin – 6′1″ 209 – Alabama - It's just about time for Atlanta to find a kicker they can depend on for the next 10 years, and Tiffin has demonstrated the ability to kick in pressure situations.

**** I kind of like that mock, and would be thrilled if we could pull that much talent in one draft. Might go down as one of the top drafts in NFL history. :D

Obviously I'm counting on our coaching staff to take some elite hard working talent that might be a labeled a project and turn them into players. I think our coaches and locker room would allow these guys to blossum.

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