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G-Dawg's first round NFL projection


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G-Dawg 2010 NFL Draft (3/11/2010)

Pick Team Player Position

1 Rams Sam Bradford QB cannot ignore QB any longer

2 Lions Ndamkong Suh DT Schwartz is a defensive wiz - needs a mauler

3 Bucs Gerald McCoy DT an anchor for a remade defense

4 Redskins Russell Okung OT exit Chris Samuels(retirement), enter Okung

5 Chiefs Brian Bulaga OT Pioli/Dimitroff love White O-Linemen

6 Seahawks Jimmy Clausen QB Punk Cali QB and Pete Carroll - match made in ****

7 Browns Eric Berry FS Browns finally draft a great player - a miracle every day

8 Raiders Jason Pierre Paul DE Freakiest athlete in draft - UnDead Al is all over him

9 Bills Trent Williams OT Solid player to anchor weak Bills O-Line

10 Broncos Dez Bryant WR On the way out, punk WR - on the way in, punk WR

11 Jaguars Joe Haden CB hometown boy trapped in Jax

12 Dolphins Dan Williams DT Best noseman in the draft

13 49ers Anthony Davis OT had to upgrade the Gay-Niner Line

14 Seahawks Taylor Mays SS College Coach & Player become NFL Coach & Player

15 Giants Rolando McClain SLB Mr. Chrones heads to NY

16 Titans Derrick Morgan DE D-Morg to replace KVB

17 49ers C.J. Spiller RB Finally some excitement in Gayland

18 Steelers Earl Thomas FS Another enforcer for the secondary

19 Falcons Sean Weatherspoon OLB choice will come down to 'Spoon, Brandon Graham and Everson Griffen

20 Texans Kyle Wilson CB Dunta goes to the A-T-L, Kyle goes to the oilfields

21 Bengals Jermaine Gresham TE Jermaine Gresham goes to the penitentiary……..I mean to the Bengals

22 Patriots Jared Odrick DE/DT Another boring but good player in New England

23 Packers Brandon Graham OLB Pack bringing the heat off the edge…..how gay does that sound?

24 Eagles Everson Griffen DE an undeveloped Peppers?

25 Ravens Devin McCourty CB Somebody has to replace the Former Falcon and Ravens flop - Foxworth

26 Cardinals Sergio Kindle OLB The new cheaper and younger version of Karlos Dansby

27 Cowboys Arrelious Benn WR Here is the player the Pokes thought they were getting in Roy Williams

28 Chargers Ryan Matthews RB Somebody has to carry LT's rock in La Jolla

29 Jets Golden Tate WR Golden Boy(Sanchez) to throw to Golden Tate…….Buy Gold!!!

30 Vikings Patrick Robinson CB Vikes shore up the only hole in their defense

31 Colts Brian Price DT a fast DT to fit in with the lightnin' in a bottle defense that is the Colts

32 Saints Carlos Dunlap DE underachieving DE that Greg Williams(DC) will beat into submission

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lol good stuff. I heard Benn was slipping big time though. Is he still first round in most mainstream mocks?

yes, because I am the MAIN PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL B)

i did not right "pirated video is illegal" what the heck? this is bizarro...

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