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Stab at an early mock draft


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This is assuming we get a 4th and 5th round compensatory pick. I'm hoping we get a 3rd round compensatory pick but don't want to "count the eggs before they hatch."

1st - Graham / DE - addresses the pass rush and future replacement for Abraham

3rd - Mike Johnson / G - need depth and he can play multiple positions on the line. Versatile enough to play a little LT at Alabama. Its not IF an inury happens to our OL but when. If he is gone I would look at OLB & WR.

4th - best OLB available (Hopefully 1 of Edds, Curran, or Riley are still there)

4th - Moeki / TE - has some upside as a dual threat TE

5th - Black / G - the definition of a road grader, could play RT one day. Versitile enough to play LT at LSU. (Its an early 5th from Detroit so he could still be there.)

5th - Cook / C - don't want to mess around and wait till round 6 for him. This is maybe too late on him.

6th - James or M. Smith/ Return man and gimmick toy for Murlarkey

6th - Weston - DT - over shadowd by Owens and Atkins in college. We need a big 325 pounder in the DT rotation and to help practice / game plan vs. all the 3-4 defences we will face. Have a shot at signing him as undrafted FA but with the 3-4 in vogue that is doubtful.

In all honesty I would be thrilled with Graham, Spoon, or Spiller in Round 1. I chose Graham at #19 b/c the Falcons can get a solid OLB later in the draft but probably not a solid DE later in the draft. ***If Spiller is there at #19 then I take him and sign Charles Grant to fill the DE hole for a year or 2. That is my dream world scenerio but can't get my hopes for it. Weatherspoon is the guy I see as a "safe pick" with instant production.

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