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NFL.com's latest mock draft has Atlanta picking.....


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19. Atlanta Falcons

Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

The Falcons could go defensive end here and take a guy like Jason Pierre-Paul, but the kind of speed (4.3) and character Tate possesses make him very tempting.

I can't see happening but it is fun to think about


sorry if this has been posted somewhere

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You know how the draft goes. We think we are going with one type of player, but lo and behold, a guy drops. Or a run on the position we need happens ahead of us, so we end up gooing in another direction.

I think what will happen is that if the two top DE's go off the board, TD will try and trade down at that point. BEcause really, once you get past the top rushing DE's, the draft is deep everywhere else.

We could end up with a second and another third by trading down. Then we go best player available defense, then offense, defense then offense. I think we would go LB if we trade down, then a tackle or Guard on the O line. Then the next pick might beTE, then we go best player available on the defensive side. Then we may take a project or pick a punter/kicker.

I guess what I am saying is that TD is flexible, he won't fixate on any one player. We actually scout the players now, so he has a list of who and what and how we draft. Not just a name, but a few names at positions of need.

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If we had a second round pick, Tate might be an intriguing pick. Good pedigree, pro style offense in school, so could come in and theoretically play from day one as a contributor.

You can never have enough good receivers. Look at the Ain'ts. The receivers they took over the last 5 years all of a sudden showed up last year. Henderson and Meacham decided to play football. It takes Wideouts time to adjust. Tate could be one to be ahead of the curve a little.

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