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Any Striper fishermen?


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man i wanted to try catching them this year. You can generally catch them around here (eastern NC) in february, when its cold. Didnt get a chance to go this time though.

Rock make a great fish stew..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fish stew..

now I am very hungry and I only have you to blame... I only have you to blame ... :lol:

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Yep, big time Striper fisherman here. This time of year we are normally up at Carters lake deep trolling live trout. As Spring gets closer we hit up Allatoona and troll the mouth of Tanyard creek and work our way back up around the dam area. Nothing better than sitting back, drinking beer, and watching the color Lowrance for the lines to fly up the screen and then....ZIIINNNNGGGG reels start going off. Love it. Here is a picture of my brother holding up a 27lber we caught at Carters last year.


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I live in South Georgia. We don't have striper but we have our share of Largemouth.

A couple of my friends and myself consider ourselves 'Trophy Hunters'. I've been an avid bass fisherman since I was 17. Today at 43 years old I feel like I could outfish KVD in my element.

Down here in the south we don't have a lot of deep water lakes to fish. We do however have lots of 'slop'. That's what we call lakes that are full of grass and lily pads. Most people with regular bass boats can't get to the places I fish. We fish out of the flat bottom Bass Hunters that we push ourselves deep into the 'slop' to get where other fishermen simply cannot. This is 'my' element.

Working a Johnson Silver Minnow with a double grub tail trailer across the surface of these lily pads mimics a frog or rat running across the surface vegetation. I fish with stout gear rigged with 80lb test braided line. Since I'm mostly fishing topwater line visibilty is non-crucial. Using a stout rod allows me to bury the hook when a fish strikes. Let me tell you, when a bass comes up thru a lily pad to inhale your bait, it is a feeling unlike any other.

Last spring, while fishing with my girlfriend a 10lb bass come out of the water and hit my spoon on the way down. It was a sight to see this predator in action. This fish was 100% out of the water when it came down mouth first to attack my bait. My Gf told me I look like an artist working a topwater bait across vegetation. My biggest bass came on a spinnerbait but by far I've caught more, deep in the slop, working a spoon or frog across vegetation. Grass and lily pads so thick it would shock most people that big fish would be living in.

I've caught 9 largemouth over 10 lbs. (2 in the same week) All but one was caught and released. I have a 12.5 lb bass on my wall. I've probably caught 200 bass in the 8 lb range.

Remember....take a kid fishing and teach them the importance of catch and release.

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