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Defensive Depth Chart

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In my mind the defensive depth chart looks something like this at the moment

RE Abraham Biermann Sidbury

UT Babineaux Johnson Walker

NE Jerry Lewis

LE Anderson Davis

ROLB Peterson ADkins

MLB Lofton James

LOLB Nicholas Wire

RCB Grimes Owens Jackson

LCB Robinson Williams Hill

FS Decoud

SS Moore Coleman

On run downs the D line looks like

RE Davis/Abraham

UT Babineaux, Johnson, Walker

NT Jerry/Lewis

LE Anderson

On pass downs

RE Biermann, Sidbury

UT Babineaux, Walker, Davis

NT Jerry, Johnson, Anderson

LE Abraham, Nicholas

Based on his production last season Grimes deserves to start as the #2 though if he is outmatched from a size stand point he may be pushed to the nickel, with Owens or Williams taking his place. In my mind Robinsons the #1, Grimes the #2 and Owens/Williams the #3 with the rest fighting for 4 and 5.

Before Houston was traded I was wondering if the staff was willing to move Jackson to safety

I like the depth we have at CB and hope the players develop so we can match up well with NO

If he's healthy Williams may open at #2 with Grimes in the slot until Owens Jackson or Hill can earn a spot on the field

Similiarly Coleman may open as the starting SS but I expect to see Moore make a push to start

Looking at the D I say our biggest need right now is DT. Why?

Babineaux may get suspended

Jerry missed all but 1 game last season

Johnson who wasnt in the league the year before last is a #4 or 3 at best DT. He had to start last year and may this year

Lewis is an unknown with 2 major injuries and little playing time

Walker is an unknown

This group has great potential but very much lacks a solid veteran DT who can start if Babineaux is suspended and bridge the gap to when Jerry is fully back on his feet and or ready just like we have at CB with Williams and S with Coleman

People say we need a DE and while I always want more pass rush I think the pick would be better spent at OLB or DT or even C/OT

I expect Abe to produce much more like 2 seasons ago than last season

Biermann has shown the ability and potential to be a very good pass rusher

Sidbury was a rookie last season

Nicholas has gotten sacks playing DE

We have Anderson and Davis as run DEs and pass DTs

Between Abe Biermann Sidbury Davis Nicholas and Anderson there isnt much more room

Drafting a LB in the 1st is a very safe pick

A rookie DE could struggle to get his feet wet and do more than be a rotational player his rookie season

A rookie LB can step in beside Lofton and be a dynamic force all season

Compared to last season our defense has added Robinson, Jerry, Moore and Williams.

I like the potential for our D to be nasty next season and cant wait for the draft

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Looking at the FA market right now I would try to add a DT who can be the #2 at the start of the season and the #3 in the 2nd half

Dwan Edwards 6-3 290 28


Expert's Take Edwards had his most productive season of his six-year career for the Ravens' defense. He is a high-effort player who can contribute to the Ravens' multiple fronts as an interior lineman as well as defensive end. While he isn't powerful enough at the point to handle the nose, he is very resilient and battles to the whistle. He is a good athlete who fits best as an end in Baltimore's 3-4 defensive schemes. Edwards has improved his hand usage at the point of attack shedding blockers better than in previous seasons. Edwards continues to struggle as a pass-rusher and needs to continue to develop more creative moves and counters to contribute in this area. Edwards has made marked improvements over the past two seasons and has been a consistent performer for the Ravens.

Cory Redding 6-3 292 29


Expert's Take Redding is a good sized defensive end who was originally drafted in the third round of the 2003 draft by the Detroit Lions. Seattle traded for him prior to the 2009 season and he played in 15 games. He has above average initial quickness and has the strength to set the edge and force the run back to the inside. He lacks top acceleration off the edge and is not a top speed rusher but does show the effort to keep working his way to the pocket. He is a good technician and does a good job of using his hands to keep blockers at bay or to disengage. He will bring some versatility in that he can play inside at defensive tackle as well or as a defensive end in an odd front if needed.

I also wouldn't mind picking up a FA LB for depth, but the more I think about it I think drafting an OLB at 19 is our best move. There are also some RFAs we should consider going after

I think we should also consider signing a #4 safety to play special teams

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