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Having to go back into "My Settings" to refresh signature


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I guess it is just the IP Board that is automatically doing it, but every few hours I have to go back into my settings since I have made my signature clickable as a link. It turns simply into the url that is clickable, rather then the image that is clickable.

My code (That follows all the guidelines):

[ url="http://tinyurl.com/yfecckp" ][ img ]http://i49.tinypic.com/syqmc7.jpg[ /img ][ /url ]

The guidelines:

Up to 1 images -ok

500 x 150 pixels -ok

Up to 1 URLs -yes

Up to 1 lines -yes

It goes from this:




But when I go into my CP, it shows it back with the %7Boption%7D tags and I just have to click submit and I'm back in business. Weird, I know.

Mods I imagine it is done automatically and there is no way to fix it? :rolleyes:

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