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Let me start off by saying I know there's a slim chance of drafting him @ 19, but if we get a chance to move up and get him it will be the steal of the draft. Ed Reed cant carry this guys joch strap...lol I am a Vol Fan (DieHard Homer) but I love the Birds just as much, growing up as a kid,their were no Titans in Chattanooga and we also get every Falcon Game live on Sunday,so this is a so what non biased opinion. Ive been to Neyland to see Berry play live and the Kid is a swarming animal out there , u think Dunta hits hard wait till berry hits U....any GA fans remember the Knowshon Hit in 08. He will pay SS in The NFL probally,but he can play all DB positions. Berry's ball hawking skills are the best i have ever seen, I was at a game when he was a freshman and he had over 160 interception return yards. He went into the 2009 season needeing 7 yards to break the all time NCAA interception yard record and fell short because he played up on the line like a nichel corner/linebacker in Monte's cover 2 system, where he had over 70 tackles as a safety. He would be **** in our Blitz heavy man 2 man system under Van Gorder. Sorry to be long winded but guys this is our man , Im 27 and he is by far the best defencive player I have ever seen, plus he is a Georgia Boy , with him and Dunta there would be no stronger tandom in the NFL from a Secondary perspective. Just Hope Falcon Fans....TD will bring another Georgia Boy home if he gets a chance.......And if he was a Bulldog Id feel the same way GOVOLS ... Now all u English Majors out the critique my grammer...lol

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If the Rams take a quarterback (which is likely) and the Lions take Okung (also likely), then Berry is likely to fall to 7 to the Browns. Now if Joe Haden has a good Pro Day (increases his 40 time) then the Browns will probably take Haden. Next up is the Raiders. Al Davis will pass. Then the Bills who could take Berry BUT if they didn't we could quite possibly move to 10. Let the Jags drop back for Tebow and grab in my opinion the best player in the draft. Also if he did fall we have the comp picks that allows us to trade picks and not hurt to badly from it so, if aforementioned situation played out I think we would go for him.

That being said i think it's chances are anorexic. Lol.

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